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Fram are an object lesson in taking your chances, taking your time and taking the musical world with out of three ain't bad. We have taken our time. We generally play slow music but rule nothing out. The music is emotional, romantic, and at times overwrought. We try and find the finest chord changes and progressions we can find, We adhere to the Mark Hollis adage: "why use two chords when you can use one and think carefully before you use that one....". We mainly record but do play gigs when the opportunity arises.


One issue is that we won't pay to play in any way and so that reduces opportunities. Other reasons we don't gig enough: we're not scensters, well connected, aspirational, ambitious, or management material. We have had two albums and some one off tracks and all are available to listen to on the website. We are recording all year this year and the results will be available here also. There should be four full band tracks by the end of 2021, with others recorded at home as part of the Fram II project: the same but recorded in Chris's spare room.

As for influences there are many - some musical, some spiritual, some just rock our world: talk talk, sonic youth, kim deal, mark eitzel, the triffids, television, the damned, tim buckley, kristin hersh, radiohead, joanna newsom, slint, damien jurado, and many more.

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